Important Factions Rogue Season 4 Announcement | $500 F-TOP Payouts


Factions Rogue Season 4

Hello everyone,
This season we have decided to introduce a new style of factions! This season will be filled with pvp events, raiding & more! With a very short map, everything will be jam-packed into a more enjoyable experience.

Rogue Trailer

Factions Rogue will release on..
Saturday, 13th June at 3:00PM EST, 8:00PM GMT, 12:00PM PST

Season 4 Length..
This season of factions rogue will only be 1 week long. This is how it will break down.
- Server opens Saturday, 13th at 3:00PM EST
- TNT enables Sunday, 14th at 3:00PM EST
- Server closes Saturday, 20th at 3:00PM EST
This turbo map style will help to keep the server active with lots to do!

How many worlds / corners will there be?
This season, there will not be the regular Overworld, End World and the Nether World that normally releases the Sunday after release. We will be having 8 worlds. The worlds are Overworld (Earth), Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus & Neptune. This is very different to previous maps on the server. Each world is only 2.5k x 2.5k in size, apart from the Overworld (Earth), which is 500 x 500. No bases are allowed in the Overworld apart from Personal Vaults. All the worlds are just Flat Bedrock meaning there is no trenching needed to make your base, allowing swift base creations to speed the pace of the server along. In total there will be 28 claimable corners as you cannot create bases in the Overworld.

Season 4 Features..
  • 25 Member Factions (No Member Upgrades)
  • 28 Claimable Corners spread across 8 worlds
  • All worlds are 2.5k x 2.5k in size apart from the Overworld which is 500 x 500 in size
  • Flat Bedrock as the only layer in every world apart from the Overworld
  • Regular Koths (Every 2 Hours)
  • Outpost (2x Sell Multiplier after captured)
  • Faction, Mods & Cannoning rules can be found here
  • Upgradable Harvester Hoes (Each level increases your sell multiplier by 0.5x)
  • Hiding Value is not allowed
  • Fishing and Mining Rewards
  • Hourly Envoys
  • Event World only accessable through the Entrance Portals at spawn (Outposts, Koth & Envoys are held here)
  • Faction Upgrades
  • $500 worth of payouts and prizes to be won
  • Sandbots
  • All cannoning and server performance optimisations from Kingdom have been transferred
Factions Top
The payouts for rogue will still be $500. The payout will only be for the 1 week that the server is active. (24 hour grace period, 1 week raiding). All payouts will be done as soon as the server closes on Saturday, 20th June at 3:00PM EST. A screenshot will be taken as the server closes.

A countdown to release can be found here

I hope to see as many of you as possible on release!
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