Important BattleClash 2.0 - Raiding Specific Rules & Guidelines

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Raiding Specific Rules & Guidelines
NOTE: Rules are subject to change at ANY time!

Cannon Speed:

A cannon's rate of fire must be above 2.99 seconds. Meaning a cannon can only shoot through 1 wall ever 3 seconds.

Punishment: 10% Value Deduction

Raid Claims:

- A factions raid claims may not exceed twice the size of the base that you are raiding
- A cannon box may have a maximum of 25 walls
- Raid Claims start at a minimum size of 4x4 chunks

1st Offence: Verbal Faction Warning
2nd Offence: 5% Value Deduction

Right / Left Shooting:

- Right / Left Shooting is only allowed once you have breached the shell of a base.

1st Offence: 5% Value Deduction

Raid Attempt:

- If you are raiding a faction it must be with the intention of getting into their base
- You may not raid just to mess up their walls or to annoy their members

1st Offence: 5% Value Deduction

Cannon Rules:

- Firing sand or TNT above Y-255 is not allowed
- A cannon may only be on an automatic clock if it is below Y-10
- You may only use a lever if there is an active player within the cannon box
- Using a U-Fusion as a counter cannon is not allowed
- Wall removers are not allowed
- Two-wall one-shot cannons are not allowed
- Button spamming is allowed
- Auto adjustment is allowed but must maintain the cannon speed
- Auto adjustment must not adjust more than 6 blocks X and Y
- A cannon's dispenser count may not exceed 3000
- 150 Chunks max shot distance
- You may only anti-patch through 2 chunks of walls

1st Offence: Verbal Faction Warning - Cannon removed.
2nd Offence: 10% Value Deduction - Cannon removed.

Patching During a Raid:

- Gen bucket patching is not allowed
- Printer patching is not allowed
- Wilderness patching is not allowed

1st Offence: 5% Value Deduction + 24 Ban for player(s) caught


- You may not counter a cannon box using a cannon in line with your base
- You may not counter cannon boxes from behind

1st Offence: 5% Value Deduction

Mining Value:

- Mining or removing value from your base during an active raid is strictly prohibited
- A factions base must contain 80% value at all times
- You cannot mine value while your faction is offline

1st Offence: 10% value Deduction

NOTE: Raiding faction will receive all value.

Multiple Cannons:

- When raiding you may not use more than 1 cannon

1st Offence: 10% Value Deduction - All Cannons removed

NOTE: This rule includes 1 stackers.


- You may not interfere with another faction's active raid by trying to steal value or wealth.

1st Offence: 5% Value Deduction + 6 Hour ban for player(s) involved

Interfering with a raid:

- If there is a faction actively raiding someone, you are not allowed to PvP on the defending base or their own cannon
- You are not allowed to side-counter a factions base if they are currently in the act of raiding
- You may not sit on the walls of a raid

1st Offence: 5% Value deduction + 12 Hour Ban for player(s) involved

Cannon Distance:

You must shoot within 150 chunks from a bases buffer

1st Offence: Verbal Faction Warning - Cannon removed
2nd Offence: 5% value Deduction - Cannon removed


Raiding Cooldown

- If a faction gets fired at, another faction must wait 30 minutes from the last shot before beginning their raid.
- You are not allowed to be on that factions walls until that 30 minutes have passed.
- If more than 1 faction is raiding a base at the same time, the raid will be given to whoever shot first.
- If a faction stops firing for 10 minutes it is no longer considered an active raid, and they must wait 30 minutes before reattempting.

Faction Shield

- Raiding while your faction shield is active, is allowed.

Patching Cooldown

- You may begin gen patching 10 minutes after a faction has stopped firing.
- You may begin printer patching 10 minutes after a faction has stopped firing.

Bases that are found to be illegally raided will be refunded and damage will be fixed.
NOTE: Damage may not always be refunded due to server sided issues. If this occurs we will not refund any items.

*All Players are responsible for reading the rules before playing BattleClash. If you are unsure of the meaning of a rule,
contact a staff member.*
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