Important BattleClash 2.0 - Allowed & Disallowed Modifications

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BattleClash Allowed & Disallowed Mods
NOTE: Rules are subject to change at ANY time!

Allowed Clients:

The use of the following Minecraft clients are allowed.
  • Lunar Client
  • Badlion Client
  • Cosmic Client
  • PvPLounge Client
  • Forge
  • Console Client
  • LabyMod
Allowed Mods:

The use of the following mods are allowed.

ChatPing Mod5zig ModArmourStatus Mod
Batty's Coordinates ModBetterFPS ModBetterSprint Mod
BspkrsCore ModCheatBreaker ModDirectionHud
Optifine ModPlayerAPI ModRealistic Movement
ReiMinimap ModReplayModSchematica

NOTE: ReplayMod is only allowed to be used for making videos.

Disallowed Mods:

The use of the following mods are NOT allowed.

Hacked Clients or Ghost ClientsInventory TweaksTracers
X-RayAntiAFK ModsAuto Fish
AutoClickersAutoSwitch ModsCave Finders
Chest Steal ModsEntity / Player RadarFastbow
AimbotReach Modifiers Float Mods
Fly ModsFreecam ModsGlide Mods
Kill AuraNukerSmart Moving Mods
Mouse MacrosMouse Modifiers Scripts

NOTE: If something is not on this list, be safe and contact a staff member to see if it is allowed or not.
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